Fashion Revolution

The Fashion Revolution

We wanted to flag up the excellent Fashion Revolution campaign which recently kicked off.

It was launched on 24th April 2014 - a year after the tragic Rana Plaza factory complex collapse in Bangladesh, which killed 1133 and injured over 2500. It aims to commemorate this date by holding a special day each year.

It says enough is enough of social & environmental catastrophes in the fashion supply chain, and looks to celebrate the good, and move things forward.

The 2014 launch year theme was transparency. The main call to action was to wear an item of clothing inside out on 24th April 2014, and tweet/ social media/ share/ contact the brand about it.

Today I’m wearing my (shirt/dress etc) #insideout because I want to ask @ (brand/retailer) Who Made Your Clothes?

Do check it out and get involved! These are simple steps we can all take on the path to connecting the dots of the fashion supply chain, and achieving (much needed) greater transparency, in an often all too opaque industry.